Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thought for a New Career

Once again its time to change into something more professinal look and swtich my mind over to something very demanding and rewarding! YES the Mary Kay consultant! Im so excited about the new business and hope it brings alot of happiness and disipline to myself! After all its something different and im my own BOSS!

Mommy and Natalie

I came home from my first offical Mary Kay meeting and Natalie kept telling me "Mommy your pretty!" It made me feel soo goog, but yet she is not used to seeing me in a bussiness suit either! What a wonderful little up lifting spirt in our lives!
This is me after i came home from being a model for a Mary Kay sales director. She totally made my day you could say it was my birthday and i was able to find time to squeeze in time to go to the Mary Kay meeting and model off the new eye colors, which were brown, green and blue! At first i was little scared, but after they all were put on and blended together, they looked great!
I must say that besides collecting angels i have recently fell in love with all hawiaan items! Not sure why, but i have an outgoing and bright personality that i found at some point it all speaks what kind of person i am, if at all this makes sense to you! But anyways this is my 22nd birthday cake!


Natalie was so impressed with her new sunglasses that she kept telling me to take a picture of her and so i did and now im sharing it with all of you! She has grown up sooooo much and she is growing into a beautiful little girl! I cant wait until we have more!