Monday, July 13, 2009

Its been a Really Busy Summer ;)

So i realized today that i havent done much blogging. There has been soo much going on lately we started out the month of June with the town fair with all the rides, we were at the fair grounds about everynight with the kids. Family from Nebraska came out later on in the month, because Roberts Uncle Albert and his Wife Christie lost their 1st baby at 7 months. It was really hard, for them and the rest of the family with all the excitement of having a new baby in the Brannin / McCoy family! So we buried baby Alexander Lee McCoy on July 3rd and we had tons of family here in Indiana for the funeral. Also Roberts sister Cindy and her family came out here last week from Nebraska and they spent a week. Cindy and Wayne left to go home but left Robert aka Bubba and Malorie here for Natalie to play with and for the rest of us to have time to spend with them too. Cindy and Wayne are also moving back here in 2 weeks. I guess here soon the only one left in Roberts family that will be left in Nebraska is Pam. We'll see how long she stays there before moving out here also!! I have tons of pictures so it will take a couple of days to post all of them! Hope you enjoy them all.

~~Bath Time~~

Natalie and Malorie taking a bath together. They were really dirty from playing in the yard and sand box tonight! Also i got the idea from when i was about natalie's age, i always loved taking baths with my cousins and i have pictures yet to this day of us. Its memories that last a lifetime no matter how old you were when spending cousin time together.

Cousins Forever :)

Natalie being happy to happy with her cousins from Nebraksa she hasnt seen for almost a year.

Natalie and Malorie is only 6 weeks apart. You would never think so because Natalie is twice the size of her cousin. These are the only 2 girls in the family that are cousins. They have to stick together to protect each other from the boys.

Natalie giving her rabbit attention. Poor thing, i dont think the rabbit ever gets any sleep. Im pretty for sure that she sleeps with one eye open watching out for Natalie. hehahahaha

Pretty Fireworks...........

Natalie kissing Alex Goodbye. This picture was priceless. I didnt expect her to do that.

Natalie saying "Good Bye" to baby Alex.

This is Baby Alexander Lee McCoy's final resting place. The day we layed him in the ground his grandmother was smiling up in heaven.....

Since i took a picture of Cinanamin Natalie kept telling me that i needed to take a picture of Chimney also. So this is her Chinchilla!

Ok so while we were at the fair there was a game. You had to throw rings over beer bottle necks to win a rabbit. Well needless to say i tried and tried and TRIED. No luck. I asked the guy how much it would cost to buy a rabbit just out straight and he said $40. I thought well that was kinda high for a baby rabbit. We could go get one at the local auction that happens every weekend. Later we were walking around and went to look at the animals. There was a girl attending to her rabbits and we stopped to look at them, needless to say she was selling her rabbits for $10 and nataile really still wanted a baby bunny. Sooo we bought her this one. After we got home that night i asked her what she was naming her baby bunny and she said Cinanamin. I found this cute the way she says it because really its suppose to be Cinnamon. She now has her Chimney (Chinchilla) and her bunny together in a cage and she gives them lots of attention.
Natalie not to sure about this ride. I really wasnt either, because there really wasnt a good enough strap to hold her in......for what i thought, but she was being a bigger girl then what i thought she would. She just sat back relaxed and enjoyed her ride!

Natalie at the fair on her first ride

I know this is a really blury picture but i didnt realize how hard it was to take a picture of someone while they were on a ride. LOL. Well Natalie was riding this kiddy ride for the first time of ever being on rides she did really well, i was soo proud of her.
Natalie fell asleep after all the excitment at the fair.