Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Set of New Ways.

So i figured that instead of taking the time to explain all the pictures of my new posts, i thought it would cut me time in half just to add pictures and explain at the top of each post alittle bit of the photos i have. Again i want to say im sorry, and wish you all a happy and safe holiday and Happy New Year!! I will probably see you all next year!

Oh the work that goes into Staying Warm for Winter!

Halloween 2009

Times at the Pumpkin Patch 2009

WOW.....such a long time!

Ok all, so i would have to admit that working every weekend, and busy running around during the week; i actually remembered the our blog. When i signed in tonight and seen that my last post was july 14th, i just about threw up. Knowing that having a blog and keeping new posts up all the time just doesnt seem to happen. So i would like for all of my fallowers to please "Excuse Me". I will promise that i will keep up more often. I will probably be on here for the rest of the night but that is alright. Im not sure if anyone ever finds to do their blog little alone keep up with mine!! BUT at least i can close my eyes tonight knowing that i actually accomplished something today!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Its been a Really Busy Summer ;)

So i realized today that i havent done much blogging. There has been soo much going on lately we started out the month of June with the town fair with all the rides, we were at the fair grounds about everynight with the kids. Family from Nebraska came out later on in the month, because Roberts Uncle Albert and his Wife Christie lost their 1st baby at 7 months. It was really hard, for them and the rest of the family with all the excitement of having a new baby in the Brannin / McCoy family! So we buried baby Alexander Lee McCoy on July 3rd and we had tons of family here in Indiana for the funeral. Also Roberts sister Cindy and her family came out here last week from Nebraska and they spent a week. Cindy and Wayne left to go home but left Robert aka Bubba and Malorie here for Natalie to play with and for the rest of us to have time to spend with them too. Cindy and Wayne are also moving back here in 2 weeks. I guess here soon the only one left in Roberts family that will be left in Nebraska is Pam. We'll see how long she stays there before moving out here also!! I have tons of pictures so it will take a couple of days to post all of them! Hope you enjoy them all.

~~Bath Time~~

Natalie and Malorie taking a bath together. They were really dirty from playing in the yard and sand box tonight! Also i got the idea from when i was about natalie's age, i always loved taking baths with my cousins and i have pictures yet to this day of us. Its memories that last a lifetime no matter how old you were when spending cousin time together.