Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Father and daughter quality time :)

Natalie and Daddy were watching Wrestling on the Internet one day last week! It was cute to see them spend Daughter and Daddy time! Awww the love for each other, and i think Natalie will follow in her daddy's interests when it will come to Wrestling events! :) Its cute to watch them both get sooo excited over the matches!

Older Pictures!

Me fallowing at after the picture of Natalie playing shy also waiting! On a cold day for daddy!

Some good ol' days............

As i was digging through some old pictures i found these. This is when Natalie and i were in Danville Illinios, waiting on Robert to get off work, she was playing alittle shy for the camera! It sure was a cold day and we were bored waiting there also, but that is why i carry a camera all the time no matter where im going!

More Warm Weather Pictures!

Natalie riding up and down the sidewalk in her new car we found at a garage sale this past weekend! She already has put alot of "miles" or flinstone footprints into it! LOL, she is such an outdoor girl. If she cant get out there then she gets very frustrated. O well tipical 2 year old:)

Warm Weather Days without RAIN!

We were outside yesterday, it was sooo nice and the neighbor kids were over playing with natalie in her sand box, and on the swing set! All i got was a quick snap shot of her, for she was too busy playing on she was headed on an adventure!

Newest Family Addition

This the newest addition to our family, Rock our Pit Bull. He is the biggest baby you'll ever meet, he sleeps in bed with Natalie, and likes to fallow her around and is her best friend when she has food. We love him to death already and he plays soo well with Natalie, and is so very gentle, we got him from Roberts Uncle Bruce therefore Rock was brought up to protect the family and to play well with little kids! We are blessed with such a wonderful dog......that natalie has always wanted!!