Sunday, February 22, 2009

Natalie Growing Up So Fast!

Recently Natalie turned 2. Wow how the years go by so fast! She is so smart for her age! She now knows her numbers all the way to 15. Its amazing how fast little ones pick up with everything you do! I was making brownies the other night and she wanted to help out, which was fine, and its good quality time together, but the mess she created i couldnt believe my eyes! I think she was wearing more then what was actually going into the oven! She is my little shadow also. I would say that i do housework and cleaning without her right there next to me or fallowing right behind me taking everything back out........BUT we all know thats not true! She constantly asks me " Mommy what you doing, and why?" Its amazingly cute. She has been touching my tummy saying " Mommy Baby" i think she is ready for a just not sure that we are ready for trouble to Multiply just quite yet. Lol. We love her soo much and sure there will be more to post soon.

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