Friday, May 22, 2009

So Busy These Days!

So i realized tonight that i havent recently posted anything new! So here i go! Casey's (my job) has really slowed down and i havent got that many hours maybe one or two days aweek! Its really hurting :( Mary Kay is also slow and i think that its all in fault for the ecomony. O well we are all hurting and making waves through the storm i guess. So meanwhile since i have all this time, i get to be outside alot more and get yard stuff down! We have also done some remodling in the house too! Mainly me laying floor tile down. Not the role out, but the peel and stick kind! Much cheaper but more time consuming. I think i spent about 5 hours on the floor working hard to get the kitchen done the other night. Needless to say i didnt wear knee pads and im still paying for bruised and sore knees! O well it was worth it, cause it looks great! Also we started buring a tree stump in the yard on Sunday and its still burning, alot of time and suntanning happening these last couple of days! Other then that, we have been doing good, and Robert is pretty steady with work and doing great! Natalie is doing great also, she is intrested in learning new BIG words such as bussiness, incrediable ect. She is only 2 to still keep you reminded! Im glad that she is smart or well on the way to that point, she walks around counting all the time and here lately learned how to count by 2's. Its all amazing. Her count is up to 34 and then she quites, and mixes them all up! I must add that Natalie has become brave when it comes to jumping on the trampoline. I have also chopped my hair off, cause it was just too long and i was tired of pulling it up and it being soo HOT!

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