Monday, July 13, 2009

Ok so while we were at the fair there was a game. You had to throw rings over beer bottle necks to win a rabbit. Well needless to say i tried and tried and TRIED. No luck. I asked the guy how much it would cost to buy a rabbit just out straight and he said $40. I thought well that was kinda high for a baby rabbit. We could go get one at the local auction that happens every weekend. Later we were walking around and went to look at the animals. There was a girl attending to her rabbits and we stopped to look at them, needless to say she was selling her rabbits for $10 and nataile really still wanted a baby bunny. Sooo we bought her this one. After we got home that night i asked her what she was naming her baby bunny and she said Cinanamin. I found this cute the way she says it because really its suppose to be Cinnamon. She now has her Chimney (Chinchilla) and her bunny together in a cage and she gives them lots of attention.

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