Tuesday, March 31, 2009

22nd Birthday!

I just had my birthday yesterday! It was nice, and yet still dont feel any older! Which is a good thing! It rained all day and today! We are seeing rivers and roads fload! Anyways, so i now know how working and running here and there, and taking care of the little one can totally take your mind away from the blog! I must Apoligize for not staying up with the updates of our family! Robert is still working long days and alot of hours and im still working at Caseys! Although today i stuck my foot in my mouth and signed onto Mary Kay! Being a mother, wife, friend, cashier, and NOW an Mary Kay consultant i dont know how im going to juggle everything all at once! I will try it though and see what happens! Hopefully i will have alot of clients and things will be easier within the money making process! SOOOOOO if any of you mothers are intrested in Mary Kay products or been using them and have recently ran out of it! I will be your consultant and i will order your products! I think that is it for now, until something else comes into the busy life! Have a wonderful weekend!

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