Friday, March 13, 2009

Wonderful Trip back to Nebraska!

Robert and i recently went to Nebraska over the weekend, to pick our things up that we left behind. Everything went really well and we even got to spend time with my father and brother! Although Brett was involved in an accident while we were there. Someone had rearended him while he was stopped at a stop light in McCook. It messed up his bumper on the pickup and cracked the passenger side finder and above the tire. He and his friend were alright which was good news! Other then that we had many laughs and jokes among all of us! I must also throw in a many thanks and appreciation to Jared and Missy Blackman for their understanding and pleasant mind at ease for both Robert and I, during the time of dealing with our belongings! Thank you SOOO MUCH! Both of you are nice and wonderful people! On the otherhand Robert and I have decided to come back sometime this summer as a family.........since we didnt take Natalie with us this last time! I also know that i havent really wrote too much on the blog since i started it! Between working and doing things and going places everyday makes it really hard to find time to sit at the computer and do posting! But hopefully soon i will find time to relax and get things settled in and have more time!

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